Slip-and-fall accidents can happen anywhere, but they may be more common in the workplace. These accidents can cause serious injuries and may require medical attention and time off from work. If you have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident at work, a personal injury law firm may be able to help you get monetary compensation.

Common Slip-and-Fall Injuries

Slip-and-fall injuries occur when an individual slips or trips and falls, usually on a slippery or uneven surface. In your workplace, slip-and-fall accidents can be caused by slick wet floors, smooth or slippery tiles, muddy floors, or even by pet accidents that were not cleaned up when staff brought their pets to work. Safety shoes that have been given to you or recommended by your employer may also be responsible for a slip-and-fall accident if the soles were too smooth.

Slip-and-fall incidents can cause various injuries, ranging from mild to disabling, including sprains, broken bones, head injuries, and even traumatic brain injuries. Slip-and-fall accidents may also lead to expensive dental treatment if you have lost your teeth or suffered a soft tissue injury of the lip or tongue when you fell. While you may be tempted to call a personal injury law firm immediately following your slip-and-fall accident, you should seek medical attention right away before doing anything else.

Filing a Claim

If you believe that your employer's negligence was responsible for your slip-and-fall injury, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you sustained. You may also be eligible for the pain and suffering that you experienced as a result of your injuries, treatment, and rehabilitation.

In addition to employer negligence, you may also be entitled to compensation if any of the machinery or equipment that is in your workplace has leaked fluid on the floor causing you to slip and fall. This may be the fault of the manufacturer and not your employer. A personal injury lawyer can help you file your personal injury lawsuit or workers' compensation case and they can also represent you if your case goes to court.

If you have sustained an injury as a result of a slip-and-fall accident, contact a personal injury law firm to help you determine if you should file a claim. The law firm can help you file a workers' compensation claim if your accident happened on the job or a personal injury lawsuit if the slip-and-fall accident was unrelated to your workplace.

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