When you are unable to work and apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you may be turned down. Unfortunately, many SSDI claimants are turned down for one reason or another. You might have heard that many claimants benefit from using a Social Security lawyer to help them with the SSDI process. Read on to find out why a Social Security lawyer is so important for your case. 

Get Help with Your Application

You can do something to head off those denial letters by getting help with your SSDI application. The application for benefits is complex, detailed, and lengthy. Mistakes and omissions are frequent causes of denials. Speak with a Social Security lawyer about assisting you with your application. These lawyers are authorized by the SSA (Social Security Administration) to assist claimants in this manner. They know what the SSA is looking for in an application and that can help improve your chances of being approved.

Understanding Medical Proof

Whether you are just now applying or are preparing for an appeal, your Social Security lawyer can help you provide the medical evidence of your condition that is needed. The SSA must have documentation of your medical condition and that usually means a copy of your medical records of treatment. If you have not been seeing a doctor for your condition, the lawyer will get some exams set up for you. They will assemble what is needed to show that you have been trying to relieve the symptoms of your illness and that you have had the diagnostic testing needed to fulfill the requirements of the condition.

Standing by at Your Appeal Hearing

It can be challenging to stand up and speak to the hearing officer at the appeal hearing on your own. You may not be feeling your best that day and that might mean you don't do a good job. Your lawyer will be there with you to challenge the decisions based on incorrect or incomplete information. They will argue that you need benefits, that you cannot work at your previous job or any job, and that your condition is not likely to get better soon. 

If you are worried about paying your lawyer, don't. The pay will come from your back pay. If you don't get approved and are not provided with back pay, you won't owe your lawyer anything. Speak to a Social Security Disability services attorney about your case today.