Auto accidents are not always as easy to understand as they appear. If you are driving your vehicle and nothing that something just doesn't feel right, the issue could be something much deeper than user error. In fact, you may not be to blame for the accident at all.

In some cases, an auto repair shop may be held responsible for an auto accident. If you are trying to understand your next steps in a car accident case, here's what you should know.

Auto Shops Assume Responsibility for Repairs

When you take your car to an auto shop, you entrust them with a duty that they accept. They agree to take in your car and help you get it back on the road in a safe manner. If something about your vehicle is dangerous because of the work they did (or perhaps failed to do), you may have a case.

Demonstrating the duty of care will be part of a reasonable car accident case. If your case makes it to court, you will be asked to prove that the auto shop had a responsibility to repair your car. You may demonstrate their responsibility with contracts you signed or payment the shop received. A lawyer can help you accomplish this step thoroughly.

Auto Shops Are Expected to Communicate

It is also important that auto shops communicate with you as the owner of the vehicle. If they are not able to complete repairs or perform them correctly, they need to inform you so that you are not driving an unsafe vehicle.

You also count on your mechanic to be honest with you about issues that arise in the repair process. For example, a mechanic may claim that they did not have a specific part on hand, so they had to use a subpar part. You deserve to know if this could impact your ability to drive safely.

You Can Hold an Auto Shop Responsible

Even if you are being accused of being responsible for an auto accident, you can make a claim against an auto shop. If you feel that the work done to your vehicle caused your accident or was otherwise unsafe, it is important that you speak with a lawyer.

If an auto repair shop is responsible for your accident, you can pursue a legal case. Contact an auto accident attorney to determine what steps you need to take to hold the right parties responsible for this accident.