If you are hurt by a careless driver, you might not be thinking about evidence at all. Once you begin to feel better, though, you might start to wonder if you can be paid for the losses you've recently suffered. One of the most important aspects of a personal injury case is the matter of fault. Did the other driver cause the accident or not? The answer to that question will influence your case dramatically.

The opinions of others, especially law enforcement officers, at the scene can make or break your case. To learn more about accident reports, read below.

The Accident Report and How to Access It

You may be given a copy of the accident report at the scene of the accident. Some law enforcement organizations compile and print out the report immediately after the responding officer performs their preliminary investigation. If you were not able to get a copy at the scene, you can request a copy from whatever agency responded.

In most cases, city police respond to wrecks within the city limits and the sheriff's department responds to unincorporated areas outside of cities. Often, the highway patrol (or state troopers) respond to wrecks on interstates and freeways. A quick phone call to your local law enforcement office will provide guidance on where you can get your hands on this important document.

The Accident Report and What It Contains

Once you get your own copy of the report, read it over and check for errors. Contact the agency if you find mistakes right away. Once you meet with a personal injury lawyer, that report will be the starting point for your case. It will contain contact and insurance information about everyone involved in the accident, vehicle information, and details about the time, date, and sometimes road conditions and the weather at the time of the accident.

The Accident Report and Why It's So Valuable

You might say that the most important part of the accident report is the summary of the accident. Here, the responding officer interviews the parties and any witnesses to the accident at the scene. They then form a preliminary opinion as to how the accident happened and which driver is to blame for it. The accident report provides your attorney with what they need to proceed with a demand letter and the goal of settling the case before it gets to court.

To find out more about this report and its importance, speak to a personal injury lawyer at a firm like Cok Kinzler PLLP.