When it comes to performing in any sports-related activity, the participant usually goes into it assuming the risks that come with the associated activity. If you play football, you know there's a chance you could get hit by an opposing player. If you play baseball, there's a chance someone could hit a ball right at your face. This assumed risk could make it difficult to claim negligence on the part of the person that injured you, but that does not mean an personal injury case is impossible. Here's how you might be entitled to financial compensation after suffering an injury during a sporting event.

Your Equipment Failed

Athletes from a wide variety of sports use equipment to protect themselves on the field or court while the game or match is in progress. If you suffer an injury because the equipment you were using was defective, it might be possible to receive financial compensation. It's normal to have an expectation that a product will do what it says it will to protect you, and if that isn't the case, you need to find out what went wrong. If it turns out the company behind the product was negligent in either the production process or in their quality control before shipping the product out, this could help bolster your case.

An Opposing Athlete Goes Outside the Rules

What if you are directly injured because of the actions of another player? While in many cases the opposing player could argue that they were just trying to make a play, there might be certain scenarios where it becomes obvious that the person was trying to hurt you. Many sports today are trying to de-emphasize head shots during play, and if you have video tape or a witness that can prove that someone deliberately took a shot at your head, you might have something to work with in court. Every player makes mistakes from times to times on the court or field, but sometimes players go way over the line and should be held accountable for their actions.

Contact an Attorney

But again, we should state that trying to prove intentional personal injury in a sports-related accident can be quite difficult. To have a fighting chance, you'll want to have a seasoned personal injury attorney on your side. A good lawyer will be able to help you obtain or review video tape and obtain witness statements that can help bolster your case. Contact a local personal injury attorney today for more information