For most people, car accidents are harrowing experiences that cause not only physical injuries but mental turmoil as well. Being in one can be both scary and surreal. For that reason, you might not feel ready to involve yourself with insurance claims and lawsuits. However, as injuries persist and your medical care bills rise, you may reconsider. Take these actions.  

Discovering Time Constraints

Regardless of your personal feelings, the state is likely to require that you handle any legal business within a certain number of months or years. That will probably depend on the specific state where the accident happened. For that reason, even if you don't feel recovered, it's useful to contact either a local court or lawyer to better understand the time constraints you're subject to.  

Recording Details  

A dramatic event like a vehicle accident is something you'll probably never forget. However, you might actually forget fragments of the story. Did you accelerate to avoid the accident? Did you swerve to the right or brace for a hit? These details could seem meaningless when compared to others, but every single tidbit of information could be a relevant point. You may feel absolutely certain and sure that you would never forget anything like the collision you experienced, but you could. For that reason, notes, recordings, and written memories are vital. Record anything you mind captured about the incident.  

Involving Police  

If the police weren't involved in the accident aftermath, feeling foolish or wrong for calling them now isn't necessary. Their report from the scene would have been useful, but they can certainly still play a role after the accident. They will attempt to reconstruct the scene, ask questions and seek out anyone who witnessed the collision. Contact them and inquire about what they'll need you to do; they can still issue a report usable on your court dates.  

Seeking Medical Care  

Walking around without injuries might seem fine. However, being seen by a professional isn't only so that you can ensure no internal bleeding happened. By visiting health care providers, you can be examined thoroughly as someone involved in an accident. A report will be created and photographs could be taken. This should soothe any concerns about internal or neurological injuries and give you more documentation to present at court.  

Your accident and its effects may be ultimately resolved through court proceedings. With these suggestions and legal advice from your auto accident attorney, you're ready.