No one ever thinks, "Gee, this trucking accident that caused all of my injuries is a good thing to happen to me." It would definitely take a very optimistic person to think that. However, when you find out that most truck accident lawsuits result in big payouts to people who were hit by trucks, maybe you will change your tune, just a little bit. That is because truck accidents have three leading causes, and all of these causes mean that you will likely benefit when you sue. Here is more about those three causes, and why it is actually good news for you and your run-in with a semitruck.

Falling Asleep at the Wheel or Inattentive Driving

Truck drivers work very long hours, often trying to make long-haul deliveries with short deadlines and little to no sleep. This causes them to fall asleep at the wheel, which is a form of inattentive driving. When they fall asleep and cause accidents, lawsuits are imminent. When it is determined that a truck driver fell asleep or was inattentive, the compensation you can receive is rather high. Not only will the driver be ticketed and fined for not being awake while driving his or her massive truck, but his or her insurance will also have to cover damages to your vehicle and some of your medical bills. You can sue for any part of the expenses covered by neither the trucker's insurance nor your own. You may also sue for any extended long-term care if you were paralyzed or you need physical therapy.

Truck Malfunctions

Drivers are expected to keep their trucks maintained and repair them as needed. If the driver works for a trucking company, then the trucking company is equally responsible for truck malfunctions. A truck that blows a tire, skids into your vehicle, and shoves you off the road into a traffic barrier is held equally responsible as the driver whose truck jackknifes in the road and causes a multiple-car pileup on the interstate. Sue the trucking company and driver where and when applicable, and sue just the driver when he or she is a free agent driver.

Disobeying the Rules of the Road

Every once in a while, a truck driver ignores road rules. Maybe the trucker drives too fast. Maybe the trucker makes a U-turn (semitrucks and their trailers are never supposed to do this). Or maybe the trucker glides through a yellow light right before it hits red and slams right into you. Whatever the case, traffic violations that end in traffic accidents are grounds for lawsuits. 

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