The independent medical examination can have a profound impact on your workers' compensation case. Without a favorable report from the doctor conducting the examination, your claim could be denied. To help ensure that you are prepared for the exam, this is what you need to know about it. 

What Is the Purpose of the Examination?

The independent medical examination, or IME, is more than just a doctor determining whether or not you are able to work. He or she also is also charged with assessing the extent of your disability and how long treatment could possibly take. 

The doctor will provide a report to your employer's insurance company that details all of this information. The doctor will also include whether or not he or she believes that the injury is the result of a workplace accident.

What Happens During the Examination?

During the IME, the doctor will review your medical history. He or she will also review the details of the accident that caused your injury with you. Prior to the IME, the doctor is provided with a copy of your statement and any incident reports related to the accident. His or her questions about your injuries could be framed by those statements. Remember, the doctor is trying to determine if your injuries are really related to a workplace accident. 

The doctor will also ask you questions about your current medical condition. Be sure to be detailed in your description of your injuries and how you have been impacted by them. For instance, if you are unable to stand for more than 10 minutes before needing to rest, inform the doctor. After reviewing this information with you, the doctor will physically examine you. 

How Can You Prepare for the Examination?

Before the examination, it is important that you know your medical history. If you have any previous injuries, do not try to omit them during the examination. You want to make sure that the doctor understands how those previous injuries differ from your current injury.

You also need to know the details of your accident. If you have a copy of the statements you have given about the accident, review those. During the examination, you want to be very clear on the facts and avoid exaggerating.

The independent medical examination is just one key component of your claim. Work with an experienced attorney (more info here) to ensure that you are well-prepared to handle every aspect of the case.