Social security is usually with checks you will receive after you retire. However, there is an added benefit of free health services that you may receive if you have become disabled. You may qualify for free healthcare through Medicaid, but you will need to prove that you are disabled.

Know if You Will Qualify

After you have been approved of Social Security disability insurance benefits, you may receive both medicare and medicaid. You will receive Medicaid if you are approved for Supplemental Security Income. This program will help you pay for health insurance premiums, deductibles and coinsurance.

Consider the State You Reside In

In some states, enrollment in Medicaid is automatic. In other states, you will be enrolled based on standards that are determined by your state. Therefore, you may find that there are different criteria the state will use to determine whether you are disabled and whether your income is too high to qualify. If so, you will need to work closely with a social security disability attorney who is experienced with the requirements for Medicaid in your state and will help you prove that you are disabled enough to qualify.

Fill Out Your Medicaid Application

When you are filling out your application, you must provide proof of your disability. This is defined by an inability to work for a year or longer or the anticipation that your disability will lead to death.

Your physician's report will be the key factor in determining whether you will qualify. Your state might have a list of disabling conditions that would qualify you for Medicaid. You will then need to explain how your condition matches. Fortunately, these lists are very specific and make it difficult for the state to fail to qualify someone who truly has one of these conditions.

Compare Your Disability to the List of Disabling Conditions

However, the list is not exhaustive. If you still believe you cannot work because of your condition, you will need to explain how your condition prevents you from doing other work. Not only must you not be able to return to your previous job, but you must be incapable of performing any job.

Explain Why You Can't Work

Your social security disability attorney will help you provide information that can help persuade the Social Security Disability Administration of your disability. You can win the case not only because of your health condition, but also because of your education level and your previous skills. For example, if you could reasonably work at a desk job, but lack experience with computers, you may still qualify. 

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