Was your vehicle struck by someone driving a company vehicle that left you with a bad injury? You may be able to sue the other party's employer for the incident, but you should first hire a lawyer to make sure you are compensated to the fullest extent. Find out in this article what a lawyer can help you gain financially after a collision with a company vehicle, as well as what his or her fees will be.

How Can a Lawyer Help an Accident Victim Get Paid?

Before determining everything that you can sue for in a lawsuit, the lawyer will have to make sure that you are actually the victim in the collision. You can hand your lawyer a copy of the accident report if it is in your favor, but he or she will still have to investigate the incident for more evidence. The investigation will also help the lawyer determine if you can sue the other party personally and his or her employer. If the other party was not clocked in to work during the collision, you may be only to sue him or her on a personal level.

If you have a good argument against the other party's employer, your lawyer will contact the company to request a mediation session. It is likely that the company will agree to handle the matter through mediation to protect their reputation. Your lawyer will submit evidence on your behalf during mediation and discuss what you want compensation for. If everything goes well, you can get paid for things that may include:

  • Pain & suffering
  • A loss of income
  • Sessions with a counselor
  • All medical bills concerning the accident
  • Items to make your home handicap accessible

You can also expect to get paid from the other party personally for your mental anguish and punitive damages.

What is the Hourly Rate Charged by a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There is not likely to be an hourly charged when involved in a car accident lawsuit, as your lawyer will charge a contingency fee instead. Be prepared to pay the lawyer an estimate of up to 40% of the money you receive in the lawsuit. The great thing is that a contingency fee is not paid until the money is actually received, so you don't have to pay anything in advance for the lawyer to start on your case. Contact a personal injury lawyer (like those at Terrence Salerno Law Office) as soon as you can so he or she can begin building your case!