Construction sites are dangerous places, especially for bystanders who do not have the appropriate safety skills or equipment. Thus, as a bystander, it is in your best interests to stay away from these places. If your curiosity gets the better of you, and you stray into construction sites, then you will be risking injuries from different risks such as these five:    

Falling Objects

Even a relatively small tool can cause serious harm, or even death if it falls from a great height. Abandoned materials, forgotten tools, poorly-assembled structures are all examples of things that can fall on you and cause serious injury. For example, a scaffold erected using weak materials can easily collapse on you.


A typical construction site is filled with holes and openings such as stairwells, open manholes, foundations that haven't been filled, and many others. Such openings are usually secured by physical barriers such as fences or covers. However, you don't want to take the risk of finding out how strong these covers are. Moreover, it's not stretching the imagination to believe that some workers may be negligent enough to leave some of the holes open.

Operating Equipment and Delivery Vehicles

A busy construction site usually has lots of vehicles moving in and out; they bring workers, materials, and tools and equipment. There are also operating equipment such as excavators and loaders. All these are potential accident risks because they can run you over or knock you down if you happen to be absent-minded near them.

Tool and Equipment Malfunction

There are lots of materials being used in a typical construction site; you probably don't know about some of them. The risk of a malfunction causing an injury may be small, but it is there all the same. For example, a nailgun may fail and drive a nail into your body and an air compressor may explode and cause you severe injuries.

Fire Accidents

The last example is that of fire whose risk is high due to the presence of combustible materials such as fuel, and ignition sources such as welding machines. Even if you don't get burned, you can still get injured because the fire may create confusion and you may end up tripping and falling.

Your best bet at avoiding construction site injuries is not to go to those sites unless you have a compelling reason. If you do get injured at a construction site, however, you need to evaluate whether somebody is at least partially responsible for your injuries. A personal injury attorney can help you to do this and compensation for your injuries.