Lead paint is usually only found in older homes because of the 1978 ban on the residential use of lead paint. It may be covered under layers of both lead-based and non-lead-based paint.

As with other hazardous materials, it is not harmful if the surface was prepared before it was covered. If the layer(s) of  lead paint were simply covered by additional layers of non-leaded paint, the older layers begin to chip and flake away over time. This allows exposure to lead paint chips and dust--and subsequent health problems.

Why was lead added to paint and why is it harmful?

The addition of lead to paints provides many favorable qualities. Colors are more bright and vibrant, drying time is quicker, and fading because of exposure to moisture in the air is minimized.

The qualities that lead provides to paint also makes the paint more attractive to young children. The bright colors initially entice children to eat paint chips that have peeled from a surface. Lead paint also has a sweet taste, which then tempts children to eat more.

Because surfaces such as windowsills, door frames, and railings are exposed to more physical contact and adverse weather conditions, these areas are also more likely to be covered with multiple layers of paint. Physical contact and moisture also hasten the deterioration of the paint, resulting in greater chipping and flaking.

What are the symptoms of lead paint poisoning?

Lead paint poisoning can lead to cognitive and behavioral problems in children. These issues may manifest themselves in delayed progress in speech or comprehension, learning disabilities, or behavioral issues such as problems with impulse control. Unfortunately, the effects of lead poisoning are irreversible. This means that victims require assistance with developmental disabilities and other issues.

How can victims of lead paint poisoning receive compensation?

if a victim lives in a private rental property, the owner of the property is responsible fie compensation. Public housing residents can seek compensation from the municipality that owns and operates the public housing.

A personal injury lawyer, like Kornfeld Robert B Inc PS, should be consulted. They will arrange for the victim to receive a blood test to determine if lead poisoning is present. If lead is found in sufficient levels, the victim will also be tested for adverse results related to lead poisoning.

The personal injury attorney will then have the residence inspected for the presence of lead paint. When the evidence is presented in court, compensation will be determined by the extent of damage to the victim and the expected lifetime expenses for treatment.

Many personal injury lawyers will only charge a fee for these cases if compensation is granted, so if you suspect that you are a victim of lead poisoning, don't hesitate to contact an attorney because of financial difficulties.